Training packages for everyone

Personal training with your fitness goals in mind

What is M.A.D.E.2?


Proud sponsors and supporters of the brand through our Media providers and services.

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With our talented network, we have an outlet for you to contact our artistic supporters and be a part of a group with creative minds.

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We have an outlet to market a broad spectrum of supporters who are designers and affiliated project management specialists. You got a project that needs to be M.A.D.E.?

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We are proud to have a great group of talented musicians, producers and entertainers who are a part of the brand as we continue to grow as an brand entity. Booking information is provided.

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What We Do

Personal Training

Get into the best shape of your life with our 1 week to 8 week training programs. These programs are geared towards your fitness goals along with diet consultation upon request. Our experienced personal trainers have trained 100+ clients. We come to you!

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NBA Player Development

We will design a program where you will increase your skill set, game situation confidence, and IQ/clutch genes. We have affiliation with 3 facilities for basketball training. Contact us today to get you started. Are you M.A.D.E. for greatness?

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College/Youth Player Development

In unison with our NBA development program, we have instilled a way to enhance the skills set and confidence level of basketball players of all types. From Private (1 on 1) training, group training, to camps and basketball clinics. We have the right program, designed and M.A.D.E. for you.

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Athlete Performance Training

Our trainers have designed "Strength & Conditioning" programs for current athletes of Professional and Amateur Sports. With our expertise in training NFL and NBA players, the training is provided with a progression plan along with assessment evaluation. You're M.A.D.E. to be great, lets get you to work!

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Celebrity/Model Training

We have a special program in place for Celebrities and Models who have a need in reaching their fitness goals in time for a video/photo shoot or just for overall every day health enhancement. With a weekly progress table and diet consultation, it leaves a small margin for error and failure. Lets help you progress to your fitness level before the lights and camera turn on, you're M.A.D.E. to take action, lets get to it!

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Rehabilitation Programs

Any athlete or regular individual that needs a rehab fitness program upon consulting with their physician, we will provide a progression table and rehab program while in contact with your doctor/physician for the required "type" of training. Lets get you back on track through patience and perseverance, lets get you M.A.D.E.!

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