NFL/Football Training

You have the options to choose from a 1 week to a 12 week off season strength and conditioning program for your football off-season. Increase your speed, agility, power, strength, flexibility, and more importantly durability. Educating you the experience of improving the athleticism and skill set of NFL/Professional football players. Our professional trainers will put you through a program, it’s time to go to work… You’re M.A.D.E. for this.

All Other Sports Training (NHL, MLB, MLS, etc…)

For hockey, baseball, soccer and all other sports, we have a customized plan to help you get the proper performance training for your sport demands. Contact us today to get more details and rates.


Professional Athletes: Email us for a quote
All other Performance Training:
(2 sessions) = $60 each
(4 sessions) = $50 each [*save $10 for each session]
(6 sessions) = $40 each [*save $20 for each session]
(8 sessions) = $35 each [*save $25 for each session]


Haseeb Fasihi:
Instagram: @zbo305
Number: (561) 827-0269
Torrence “SeymouResults” Seymour
Instagram: seymouresults_fit
Number: (305) 342-4508


“Pro Style Performance Facility”
14260 SW 142 ST (Unit 105)


1. We Can Commute To You
2. M-Cycle Gym
Address: 6114 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida 33143
3. New Performance Gym Coming Soon, Stay Tuned for details


Coming soon!

Basketball Performance Training

Having a high skill set, will not translate efficiently to the next level until you have a proper set of athletic attributes. Our basketball Strength and Conditioning program is geared towards customizing you to your demand and level of competition with the bridge to prepare you for the next level. With our trainers having experience with NBA/Professional & College players, there is no denying that you will improve within no time.

Gear Coming Soon!

We are in the process of providing the best gear M.A.D.E. for you, stay tuned.