Celebrity Training

Are you a celebrity currently in search of a trainer that can commute to your home, studio or come with you on your tour and maintain+enhance your level of fitness? We have a system in place that we can provide that service with our experience and credibility to help you reach your goals! Just choose a trainer, and have us coordinate a time and program to your availability.


If you need a professional videographer and photographer, we have one of the most creative and determined media specialists in the industry. Increasing the traffic of social media followers usually happens when you have high resolution quality photos. Just go to our “Media” page to contact for a quote and book one of our media specialists for your next project! Get M.A.D.E. professionally.


**Model Pricing:
   (2 sessions) = $60 each
   (4 sessions) = $55 each *save $5 for each session]
   (6 sessions) = $50 each *save $10 for each session]
   (8 sessions) = $45 each *save $15 for each session]
   (10 sessions) = $40 each *save $20 for each session]
**Celebrity Pricing: Call us for more information


Haseeb Fasihi:
Instagram: @zbo305
Number: (561) 827-0269
Torrence “SeymouResults” Seymour
Instagram: seymouresults_fit
Number: (305) 342-4508


“Pro Style Performance Facility”
14260 SW 142 ST (Unit 105)

M-Cycle Gym
6114 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida 33143


Coming soon!

Model Training

If you’re currently a model that wants to specifically change a certain part of your body and/or have a fitness program in place to keep you looking good during your projects and photo shoots? Our trainers can design a very detailed exercise program and diet plan to efficiently get you to your dream body ASAP!! We can commute to you or you can come train at our sponsored gym : “THE BOX” @ MCycle Miami (Address @ Tabs).

(At Home) Consulting

We can also consult over the phone for fitness and diet goal needs. If our trainers are busy at a conference or on a business trip, we can make a time through an appointment to help your request.