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NBA Pre-Draft Training:

Enlisted your name into to an upcoming NBA Draft? We have a plan and program in place to help enhance your skill set and level of confidence before going in to the NBA Pre-Draft Combine. In affiliation with IMG Basketball Academy, our trainers are credible to help you prepare for that opportunity. Contact us today for more information and package deals.

Strength and Conditioning Program:

Aside from skill development, an important aspect to the progression of a professional basketball player is the “Strength & Conditioning” part of his/her training. In addition to the daily basketball training, you can utilize the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility, durability, and conditioning through our preferred program.

Current Professional NBA Skills/Game Situation Training:

Are you a current NBA player that needs fine tuning and an opportunity to increase the skill set of your abilities? Look no further and train with the best that Florida has to offer! Magnifying your skills and game situation confidence, we guarantee that you will see an improvement with your overall game. If you’re M.A.D.E. to play in the NBA, lets get you training to keep you in the league.

Video/Media Content (Highlight & GameTape/Mixtape Production):

Now this is the cool part! With access to our Media part of the brand. We can produce professional high-quality videos and photos for you to use to market yourself to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even send out tapes to colleges or professional scouts for the marketing of your talent. Take advantage of this service because at the end of the day, its all about how you market yourself. Lets get you M.A.D.E. !!!