Athletes need to understand the process necessary for the recovery of their bodies. Rehab is just as important as training. We have a system in place to assess your injury and any type of recovery to get you back ready for your sport as soon as possible.

Short Term/Long Term Programs

Once we assess everything and have a broad understanding of what is required by your physician for your optimal and active recovery. We will provide a short term and long term program. Contact us today to meet in person at the comfort of your own home! We come to YOU!!!


Contact us today for our rehab rates (Consultation with Physician preferred)


Haseeb Fasihi:
Instagram: @zbo305
Number: (561) 827-0269
Torrence “SeymouResults” Seymour
Instagram: seymouresults_fit
Number: (305) 342-4508


– Prostyle Performance Facility (14260 SW 142 ST (Unit 105) Miami, Florida)


– Comprehensive Interventional Pain Medicine
           7000 SW 62nd Ave Suite 535
           Miami, FL 33143


We will first have a line of communication with your personal physician. If you have any injuries you are recovering from, our strength and recovery assessment program will focus on establishing a time table to further progress your process to heal quicker.

Online/Phone Consulting

If you can’t make it to our facilities or preferred doctors, we can consult over the phone for a small rate and assist you the best that we can. If you would like for us to commute to your home, we can coordinate a plan and a rate affordable to you.