[Micro Athletic Detailed Enhancement] is for Motivated Athletes Demanding Excellence. Our main focus is to enhance your skill set & obtain proper functional physiological movement through all types of performance training. Not only are we designed for athletes, but we have a fitness program in place for every demand and goal that you seek. In addition, we constructed a format for

-NBA Player Development/Skill Enhancement.
-NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer -Celebrity/Fitness Training
-Weight Loss/Weight Gain programs. -Rehab Programs

The definition of the logo:
Pieces of the Pie Graph are coming together and are being #MADE by “3” main elements required to reach beyond the limits of our potential:
#Black= Mental Attributes
#Blue/Teal = Spiritual Practice
#Pink = Physical Potential
Coming Soon: Be on the look out for our team of motivated individuals helping you exceed past your limit. Have you been M.A.D.E. yet?